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More productivity

Studies show that a telework employee is 20 % more productive than a regular employee

 Global tendency

It's an efficient work modality that imposes as the best productivity and economy solution .

Competitive advantage

Your company will grow faster than the competition, due to the hiring and economy versatility in the physical plant.

Plus, you get 4 technological benefits for free

PBX/ Virtual voice interactive call center with five extensions, that also works as an app

Virtual phone number (IP) that allows you to receive unlimited calls

2.000 IP minutes for phone calls to Spain, including landlines and cell phones

Monitoring employee performance and achievement, plus virtual technical support

USA companies most benefited

Why is the Teleworking trend growing faster in USA?

The economic differences between USA and Latin America allow USA companies to hire highly qualified and well-paid employees through telework, at a much lower cost than hiring staff of similar characteristics in their country.

Examples of virtual jobs

Some companies do not identify the extent of work that can be done by telework, it is enough to enter an office and see that 80% of the staff do not have physical contact with clients or processes, here a small guide to some ideal positions for a virtual employee.

Creatives and Developers

Web developers.
App Developers.
Graphic designers.
Architectural Draftsmen.
Community Manager (for networks).
Copywriters, Bloggers and Copywriters.
SEO expert.

Administrative and Accounting

Administrative Assistants. 
Personal assistants. 
Countable auxiliary.
Business Administrators.
Virtual Store Administrators.
Insurance Assistants.

Customer Service and support

Customer service staff.
Virtual assistant.
Technical support staff.
Clinical psychologists.
Human resources psychologists.
Translators or Interpreters.