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Holding a job distantly is the new modality, by using multiple tools that technology brings us.

The most used tools for remote jobs are: computers and cell phones.

Using a software that allows information storage, data transfer, taks control, personal supervision, communication, among others its indispensable.

Advantages and benefits of remote work.

Telecommuting it’s an excellent option for thousands of companies around the world, this new work modality it’s really filed with economic advantages and benefits, that improves life quality for employees.


Economic savings for the employer.

Employers save in different aspects:

  • Physical space, the actual lease of an office that’s the right size and with the necessary facilities to fit a high number of employees it’s very expensive, growing sometimes seems impossible, with remote work companies can grow at a faster speed and lower operation cots according to the case.
  • Public services payments.
  • Software licenses
  • Office equipment and furniture.
  • Food, cleaning supplies among others.
  • If the employer hires on other countries, lowers salary payments.

Economic savings for the employer.

Savings on transport, wardrobe, social meetings, meals, among others.

Productivity increase.

Studies show that employees that work from home are 20 % more productive. Companies need to know how to use this method adequately and with the right follow-up tools.

Time saving for the employer

An average employee wastes more that 2 hours on traffic every day, time that can be invested on capacitation or sharing with the family.

Employee quality life improvement 

This method allows more family time, being present on any important event on your home, more free time means a more quality life.

More workforce availability

Remote working opens up a new world to our eyes, Companies in USA are hiring highly qualify staff from Latin America.

Either for lack of budget to hire locally or the lack of candidates available, online working in USA is growing.

More job offers

For candidates, all over the world this also opens up bigger opportunities that do not depend on where you live, but on how good you are at what you do. People all over the world are choosing online working for other countries, without pulling away from their families.

Absolute control over tasks

Thanks to the technological advances we have the possibility to eliminate the fear that the employer feels due to not have met personally their employee and thinking that it’s not fulfilling its functions, now that we have different monitoring software options we can eliminate that fear.

Performance measurement.

Statistically seeing the performance of all your employees and the dedication of each one of them, it’s good for both parts. The employees can show the time invested on a project or in some cases billing extra hours. The employer validates that the investments are not being wasted on distractions as usually happens inside the office.

Lowers the vehicular traffic and contaminations on cities.

This is it’s without a doubt a very important advantage, and a reason for governments to use remote working as a solution for many local problems, boosting plans and strategies for companies to know and adopt this productivity technique that are so positive for the environment.

Teletrabajo España

Types of remote jobs

Obviously not every job can be done online, but in companies now days there are many positions that can be done remotely.

How can we identify if a job can be done remotely? I think the answer is very simple, if the employee works siting on a computer of phone from an office, the same tasks can be done from home.

Positions that can be done online.

Creatives and developers

  • Web developers or programmers.
  • App developers or programmers.
  • General software programmers.
  • Graphic designers.
  • Architectural draftsmen.
  • Community manager.
  • Writers, bloggers and copywriters.
  • SEO experts.

Administrative and accountants

  • Administrative assistants.
  • Personal assistants.
  • Accountants assistant.
  • Business administrator.
  • Online store administrator.
  • Insurance technician.
  • Consultants.
  • Digitalizer.

Customer service and attention

  • Customer service personnel.
  • Sellers and commercial executives.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Tec support personnel.
  • Clinical psychologist.
  • Human resources psychologist.
  • Interpreters or translators.

And many more, each company can distribute the physical work for some people and the computer work for other, increasing the chances for remote jobs.

Online job offers

There are a lot of platforms where you can find or post remote job offers, in USA we have InfoJobsMilanuncios and many more, each one of them have different search and publication methods, free or payed, but also exists another type of platform called online job agency, like that not only do the selection process but also take on all the responsibility of a contract with the staff, presenting a 100 % outsourcing service, freeing the company of unnecessary loads, and lowering the payroll expenses to a 50% off due to hiring on Latin American countries.

Online working in USA

Telecommuting has more presence every day, and the advantages showed in this article are the main reason for why the Spanish population are using this to find more opportunities all over the country and even on other countries.

Working from home it’s a great opportunity for women that are mothers. Initially this method was focus on them.

Many larger companies on USA, like Movistar and Orange have been using this method for over a decade hiring from other countries, lowering their costs on sales and support. The United States it’s one of the main users of online working, hundreds of companies on the India work for USA companies, and not because of them the work done by Americans decreases on the contrary this practice allows companies to be more competitive, which generates more stable jobs.

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