5 strategies to prevent your company from closing due to the coronavirus crisis 

Will we have an economic crisis due to coronavirus? Without a doubt, yes, but hopefully it will not have the same consequences as the 2008 crisis. The truth is that the word crisis it's feared by many Americans and when companies go through aggressive economic difficulties it automatically injures the working class and their families.

Panic does not help, on the contrary it has a deeper negative effect on the market. The good news is that there's a way to stop the crisis and see a new business opportunity.   

Clearly the reality is that not every economic sector is the same, some are lucky from the beginning, with coronavirus we have some examples, like supermarkets, clinics, and medics but on the other side we have the companies that are very injured, like soccer teams, event planning agencies, airlines, amusement parks and truism in general.

In the middle of all this we have companies that have not been directly affected, realtors, software companies, lawyers and online stores, to name a few.

Let’s identify the actual crisis, the arrival of Covid-19 to the US generates a health issue that decreases the number of people on public spaces, it's is recommended that citizens don’t leave their home, avoid public transportation and do not attend to work to avoid contagion.  

We are going to name 5 strategies for to make Covid-19 easier for companies.

1. Do not suspend the activities of your company: there are jobs that definitely can’t be done because of the Covid-19, but remember behind every employee of your company, there's a qualify person, willing to help you come through and a family depending on them

2. Remote working is the only choice: it's incredible the number of tasks that can be done from home, it only takes answering this questions to identify the potential of telecommuting.

          • What fundamental chores can be done on the computer?
          • What fundamental chores require actual physical presence?
          • Can a small group or a person do the physical tasks?
          • I’m I willing to redistribute the tasks, dividing them on physical and virtual?
Usually after answering this questions, we realize that 90% of the tasks can be done on the computer, so clearly they can be done from home, and let’s remember that doing this it's cheaper and more comfortable for your employee and your company.
Studies show that employees that work from home are 20 % more productive, and it only takes a little more effort from the employee for it to work.

3. Remember that clients don’t usually visit the office: let me share a little secret, clients are rarely interested on going personally to the office, according to the type of business you can evaluate if I’m right or not, but on most cases offices are a place to contain employees and make sure that the job is being done. Remember every case is different but if you eliminate the office costs you get more economic benefits.

4. Investing on digital marketing: if people can’t go out on the street, due to coronavirus, where are they? Maybe at home? but I would say that the right answer is on the internet, social networks are on the top of the game, and this is the moment to use this type of publicity.

5. Save 50% on salary by hiring new employees: Your company is growing, this requires more staff and if you know how to implement telecommuting, you have a new set of candidates from Hispanic countries. Latin America has more than 600 million of well-educated professionals, and now you have access to all these new profiles at a lower cost. 

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